Greyed expectations

The average 50-something is mortgage free and enjoying the ‘easy life’ – with two or more holidays a year, a study revealed.

Researchers who studied the lifestyles of 1,500 adults aged 50 and over found most are relaxed and content.

They are likely to change their car for a new one every five years, take long foreign holidays – and even attend music festivals.

Furthermore it was revealed the ‘easy lifers’ are living fuller and more exciting lives than their parents could ever have dreamed of.

Travel journalist Max Wooldridge said: ”It seems with good planning the bulk of people are in a good financial position to live well and enjoy themselves after working hard for so many decades.

”The over 55s are living more exciting lives than ever before.

”Unlike previous generations they are living their lives to the full and taking advantage of their twilight years to live out their dreams and goals.

”It’s great to think that people’s lives are getting less complicated as they get older and they can really relax and enjoy themselves.

”If you look at everything they do in a year they aren’t just living the life if someone half their age but managing to squeeze more in.”

The study also found the ‘easy lifers’ are also likely to have modern comforts such as HD cable television and a gym membership.

The survey, conducted yesterday has found the typical 50-something is sitting on a substantial nest egg and has little or nothing left of their mortgage.

They also have an average of £19,572 in savings with nearly a quarter having more than £50,000 in the bank.

One in six have already taken a ‘gap year’ or trip of a lifetime to fulfil their dreams of travelling and 44 per cent are planning to take one in the next couple of years.

The top choice was to travel America with other popular destinations being Australia and Asia.

Two thirds of participants said they are living a ‘rich and exciting’ life.

And it seems the progression is generational with 78 per cent saying they have a better lifestyle than their parents while 85 per cent enjoy a better quality of life than their grandparents.

More than half said they were in a position to treat and spoil their grandchildren and children and nearly three quarters are pursuing more than one new hobby.

The most popular hobbies were golf and swimming.

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