Majority of over-50s holidaymakers book online

A recent report shows that the majority of travellers over 50 are using the internet to book their holidays. The study was conducted by LV, a travel insurance company: it found that 54% of holidaymakers in this demographic purchased their trip online, while only 16% made arrangements through a travel agency.

The survey was conducted in polled over 2,000 adults, 955 of whom were over 50. LV also found that this age group spends £17.6 billion a year on travel, a figure they expect to double over the next ten years. The top destinations for people over 50 were Spain, France and Italy.

People over 50 are the most prolific travellers as they have more time and money, which allows them to embark on significant trips.

The over 50 market is considered to be incredibly important to the travel industry, and this survey shows that it is very healthy. The fact that 54% of over-50s are making their arrangements through the internet is a significant figure.

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