Mature Marketing at Financial Services Forum Workshop – Marketing to the Over-50s

Date: Thursday 21st October 2010
Place: MWB Business Exchange Cannon Street,  60 Cannon Street, City,  EC4N 6JP
Time: 09.00 for 09.30 Start until 12.45

Sponsored by Royal Mail

Targeting and marketing to ‘older people’ requires an understanding of the ageing process, both in terms of physiology and lifestyle. Segmentation of the older generations also reveals important demographic and attitudinal groups. And finally, when writing and producing marketing communications for these consumers, there are multiple pitfalls, stereotypes and clichés to avoid.

Dick Stroud, Managing Director, 20Plus30 Consultancy:
There are four strategic issues that financial companies need to consider about the business implications of the UK’s ageing population. How will the “Age of Austerity” affect this group that contains consumers with highest median wealth? By the end of the decade there will be a 25% increase in number of 75 year olds – what demands will they make on the design of an organisation’s customer touchpoints? What will be the most appropriate ways of segmenting this large, wealthy and ageing group of people? Should marketing be age-neutral or age silo? Resolving these strategic questions builds a firm foundation to engage with the UK’s 21 million 50-plus.

Mary Alcock, Data Consultant, Royal Mail:
Having better understood the mature consumer market, how can you then segment your own customers and prospects to maximise your opportunity? What are the key differences that exist in this broad category and where can you find those individuals still leading a ‘charmed life?’ By understanding your own base, and the market potential for this growing segment of the UK population, you can better appreciate the key attributes that make these consumers so attractive to financial services organisations.

Jane Silk, Director, Mature Marketing:
Older people feel – at best – patronised by advertising. At worst they feel totally alienated – as though the only things they buy are stair lifts, funeral plan policies and comfy slippers. They feel misunderstood, under-valued, ignored, misrepresented and stereotyped. These are people, who are online, start new businesses, buy new cars, spend money on luxury personal products, on toiletries and cosmetics, participate in sport regularly, travel, are eager to learn new things and of course buy financial products! It is inevitable they are becoming more demanding and developing a stronger voice in the market – the only surprise is it that this has been so long in coming.

Alison Hale, Axa Sun Life: also presenting content to be confirmed.

For more information and to book on the workshop contact:

Jenny Shierson
Membership Services Executive
020 7449 9036

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