Soft-top ‘grannies’ hit the highways!

When it comes to driving with the roof down, it’s fifty-something women who are firmly in the driving seat, according to a new study by AA Insurance.

Research from AA’s one million car insurance customers reveals that while the number of convertible cars on Britain’s roads appears to have fallen slightly, the proportion owned by women – and especially those aged over 50 – is going up.

In fact, women are a third more likely to drive ‘topless’ than men and it is those in their fifties who are most likely to choose a convertible.

Apparently this open-top trend among fifty-something women could be seen as a natural progression from the school-run 4×4. 
Quote from the AA representative.  “Perhaps we’ll be more likely to see a slick silver surfer enjoying an open top car than we are a boy racer!”

Our comment

I’m sure women in their fifties will not appreciate being referred to as ‘grannies’ and men as ‘slick silver surfers’.  We would like to start finding new names for this age group that are more appropriate.  Is there any label that’s acceptable?  We’d like to hear your views.

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